A Sheperd

Poetry by Ted Boughter-Dornfeld Copyright © 2009

To live as a shepherd,
Tending to sheep,
Watching generations of life
Procreate, eat, and sleep.
Thirst for waters
Which remain deep.

To be, without constant
Strife of the tongue,
Or ill-begotten promises,
Because a heart and mind
That aims for maturity,
Is sometimes caught
In the current, midstream.

Have you missed the youthful lesson,
Standing in front of your passage?
Or the evening ensemble in the park,
A summer sonata before dark?

Travel those distant roads, my friends,
But keep your circles tight.
Become an itinerant preacher, for a day.
An action for an action,
And give yourself time enough,
On the hands of the big clock,
To think tranquilly – and observe,
Without conditional thoughts, or words.


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