Take Pride

Poetry by Ted Boughter-Dornfeld Copyright © 2009

A burden.
A blessing.
A cerebral wrestling.
The path of different worlds, swiftly intersecting.
Under this mask, there is time for reflecting.
Inadvertently, we remain threatening –
Endure, forevermore,
The tiresome testing.
Where there is mystery –
There will be questioning.

Straight from the far side,
There’s time to abide.
Our subject stays silent,
But quietly we thrive.
Wary, on all sides, of critical eyes,
Sometimes, it pains, to be estranged
From certain family ties.
Always vulnerable
To the great divide.
Glowing upon the naked sand,
New shells have few nooks to hide.
There’s really nothing more to do,
Then wait for a change in the tide.

Cautiously, we’ll ride the waves,
Don’t be cast aside.
Striving to be Jekyll,
And terrified of Hyde.
People pretend to embrace,
But behind a strained face,
Too often, they lie.
Some will understand,
But very few will guide.
At times, only lonely paper
Hears what you confide.

Still, there is the puzzling pride,
The ability to step into places, worldwide.
Gifted souls amongst the surf, you have learned to glide…
And cultural confusion will rarely have you tied.
Stay true to all of you, and never lose your stride.
My colorful chameleon soldiers, stay bona fide.


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