The Moment You Can’t Ignore

Puzzle the black
Embrace the abyss
Become your truth
And learn to fish

To pen your thoughts
Now that is a bold-faced dream!
So grip the seasons
And welcome trades winds –
Yes, come along with me

To watch words swirl, across the world
And awaken a smile in a Parisian girl,
Then chase down a Dublin sunrise
And find their way back to a building
Nestled between Pines

Skeletal images
Turned blood and flesh
A wandering hidalgo
On a chivalric quest

A man with no name
A tiring friend
A red-haired sprite hums
Where lives never end

A song for the ages,
An immigrant sings
The flip of fresh pages,
A sorrowful king.

A ranger in a tavern
Rising from his quiet post,
Returning to his heritage
Of which he knows the most

All of these places
Faces, and things
In search of the power
Of an ancient ring

But in the end
The journey’s the prize
It wasn’t the ring that you waited for –

Three cheers for 28 years
These moments you can’t ignore.