What You Can Do

If only you knew
Just what you could do
When you’re just being you
And you’re doing the best
That you can do.


Still Searching

Peaking over the rusted metal stands
to the leafy ground below.

In the distance, the point of a citadel
stings, as church bells ring.

The search for solid ground –
for knowing without garishly showing,
for dreaming without sleeping;

This balance that eludes
the most agile tightrope walkers.

The shadow of a guardian,
the one behind the nostalgic lens.

One day, these two will be
more than good friends.
More than just cousins.

Brothers, perhaps –
Yes, they will have
their struggles.

Red-coated anger.
Green and grey envy.

But this bond
must not be broken.

Still searching.

Poetry by Ted Boughter-Dornfeld Copyright © 2011